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Our Intensive-Care Deep Clean Treatment

1. Our technicians inspect and identify your carpet/rug fibres and upholstery material and carry out a colour-fast test to assess which cleaning solutions are suitable for your carpets/rugs/upholstery.
2. Our technicians carry out an inspection, assessing any stains that require specialist cleaning solutions and individual treatment.
3. We remove deep-down debris with our high-power vacuum cleaner and rotating brush head.
4. At this stage (if required) we carry out spot stain removal treatment with bespoke chemicals for each individual stain, including, pet urine, coffee, vomit, red wine, chocolate and many more.
5. A pre-spray is then applied to all areas with the appropriate cleaning solution to start breaking down ingrain dirt and soiling.
6. All areas are agitated with our CRB (Contra rotating brush) to allow the pre-spray to work deep into the fibres and to raise the pile of your carpets.

7. Using the latest in hot water extraction and fast drying technology, our machines use high pressure jets of hot water and cleaning solution combined with an eight-row rotating dirt-lifter power-brush to agitate the fibres in your carpet. A rinse and deodorising solution is then applied and extracted removing deep down dirt and germs while lifting the pile in your carpets back to life.

 8. If a stain guard is required, it is now applied at this final stage.


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